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FiberWork demonstrates the OSPA at OFC 2005


February 24th, 2005 Campinas-Brazil and San Jose-CA - FiberWork, a company specialized in developing innovative fiber optic solutions, demonstrates the OSPA - Optical S-Parameter Analyzer at the OFC-2005 exhibition.

The OSPA is a fast platform for full and accurate characterization of passive optical devices such as fiber gratings, interference filters, AWG´s, dispersion compensators, optical multiplexers, demultiplexers, photonic crystal fiber devices etc.. It can fast, accurately and cost-effectively perform all optical tests specific to these components.

It is intended towards time and cost savings during device development, production and qualification stages. It is built around an original interferometric technique and bears unbeatable advantages. OSPA's long list of differentials include no limitation by device length and simultaneous measurements in transmission and reflection. It also innovates by analyzing the device under test through optical "S" parameters, which is very important for multi-port device characterization.

According to FiberWork's chief technology officer, Dr. Sergio Barcelos, OSPA´s competing solutions work only with a specific tunable laser, which restrains their applications and dramatically increase the price of the full measurement system. On the other hand, the OSPA´s ability to work with any tunable laser, old or new, swept or stepped, allow small laboratories as well as big companies to afford the investment. While its competitors are priced well above US$100,000, the OSPA´s technical superiority allows unbeatable market prices.

Dr. Sergio Barcelos says that the OSPA is to photonics as the oscilloscope is to electronics - the OSPA is basically a "photonic oscilloscope". "In 10 year time, with the growth of the photonics industry, the OSPA market will reach a size equivalent to that the electronics oscilloscope has today", antecipates Barcelos.