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FiberWork releases the FWL210 - an innovative solution for voice transmission through a single fiber


FWL210 is a unique portable instrument that allows plug-and-play high-quality voice communications at low cost

February 28th, 2005 Campinas-Brazil and San Jose-CA - FiberWork Optical Communications will demonstrate the "FWL Digital Optical Talk System" at the OFC 2005. It is a compact, robust and portable equipment developed specially for voice communication between field technician during installation, testing and maintenance of fiber networks, with a 200km reach.

Its differentials include local and remote connection to Public Switched Telephone and PBX networks. This allows advantages such as: conference call between field operators and company offices as well as external remote calls. The use of the FWL210 replaces radio communication, walkie-talkies and mobile telephony, which are affected by RF interference and low QoS. It also brings savings with long-distance phone calls and mobile/satellite phone bills.

Moreover, it is also recommended for applications in hazardous environments, subject to explosion risk and high electromagnetic interference.

The FWL210 uses advanced digital communication techniques and full duplex communications through a single fiber. It can be configured to operate with singlemode (long distance) or multimode (short distance) optical fiber, in any of the 1550nm, 1310nm or 850nm Windows, using high performance LASER's or LED's.

According to FiberWork's director of technology, Dr. Sérgio Barcelos, the main advantages in using this equipment is the revenue increase due to OPEX reduction in field services. The ROI is measured in a few months.

About FiberWork:
FiberWork is specialized in developing and providing innovative fiber optic solutions. Its latest product, the OSPA Optical S-Parameter Analyzer, is a fast platform for full and accurate characterization of passive optical devices during R&D and production. Its FWL Digital Optical Talk System and PMD Diagnostics of Installed Fiber Plants are FiberWork solutions.