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FiberWork characterizes 1 million kilometers of optical fiber


Santa Clara, EUA – FiberWork Optical Communications achieved this month the mark of 1 million kilometers of characterized optical fiber. The company has been accomplishing specialized services of optical fiber networks characterization and diagnoses for the most important telecom carriers, utilities, manufacturers and system interaction companies all over the world. Just to mention, in the last work of the company, there was characterized 18 thousand kilometers of optical fiber.

Specialized optical characterization is essential for the project and implantation of optical transmission systems using DWDM (Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing) as well as 10 and 40 Gb/s optical channels. This activity involves careful optical measurements in the fiber plant and compilation of optical parameters as chromatic dispersion, PMD (Polarization Mode Dispersion), optical return losses, OTDR advanced analysis and optical attenuation. "Next generation technologies, as 40GB/s, involves big challenges that request a much more accurate network characterization, besides demanding the analysis of new optical parameters”, explains Elso Rigon, company’s services director.

FiberWork technological know-how, guaranteed for its highly specialized professionals, and the unique service that offers to its clients are the company’s stronger assets in the global market. This service, which calls "specialized diagnosis of installed optical networks”, involves optical characterization, data analysis, recommendations and optimized network architecture project. The analysis is done by experts in new transmission technologies and optical metrology. "FiberWork diagnosis services not just leads to a considerable reduction of Capex and Opex, but also makes investments in next generations optical technologies future proof", points Dr. Sérgio Barcelos, Company’s CTO. “Optical diagnoses are also important for dark fiber valuation during negotiations of fiber swapping and fiber leasing. They provide reliability to the involved parts and guarantee them safer to the business", he completes.

The mark of 1 million kilometers results on international credibility conquered by the company.
FiberWork was highlight in a LightWave Magazine article and was invited to lead and organizes the workshop “40Gb/s Networks and the PMD Challenge”, at OFC-NFOEC Conference in 2007. Recently, the company was also elected to diagnose the first private optical network in Turkey.

New demands, new businesses - As the demand for broadband is continuously raising in the world, carriers are being forced to enlarge their capacity of optical transmission. To do that, it is necessary to use next generation technologies - as 10 or 40 Gb/s and DWDM systems. Investments in those new technologies are only viable with a profound diagnostic of optical parameters in the installed fiber. This verification is invaluable to design network architecture in an optimized way, to accomplish the investment in an effective way. In other words: guaranteeing that doesn't dash in the close technological edge and become obsolete too soon. “We are migrating of electronics to photonic engineering. It’s imperative that all those involved at the telecommunications market understands it, because it’s the only way to maintain and improve the business profitability", it emphasizes Rigon.

The importance of those diagnosis services becomes even more evident when we consider that, typically, 65% of the carrier’s revenues are expended on network plant operation and maintenance. Thus, an improvement of only 10% in their internal processes would engender directly in a profitability growth of 6%. That means to duplicate the medium profitability of the sector. "To reduce costs, provide new telecom services and expand network transmission capacity, the carriers are forced to invest capex in next generation optical transmission, but they forget that these next generation technologies demand new knowledge and a specific expertise. Invest in new technologies maintaining services of the past (and obsolete) is incongruous”, affirms Barcelos.

About FiberWork:
FiberWork Optical Communications is a highly specialized company in next generation telecom technologies and optical metrology. The company counts on highly qualified professionals, involving PHDs, masters and optical engineers. The specialized diagnostics of optical networks have been supporting carriers and utilities from different countries and continents in their projects and implantations of optical networks DWDM and optical channels of 10Gb/s and 40Gb/s. The company also develops innovative products patented internationally.

FiberWork’s portfolio includes the first photonic oscilloscope of the world, remote monitoring systems of optical network and portable optical communication systems for utilities and telecom carriers.

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