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FiberWork provides optical diagnostics for first private fiber network in Turkey


Tellcom, a Turkcell Group company and the first private telecommunication operator in Turkey, has just set up its long distance fiber network serving from Istanbul to Ankara – the two main business centers in the country. Tellcom received its operation license in March 2006 and, in January 2007, won the Turkish government’s bid for operating an already installed OPGW fiber network. FiberWork Optical Communications was selected by Tellcom to provide specialized fiber characterization and optical network diagnostic services. The company was preferred due to the important request of dealing with an old fiber plant, installed when the challenges of PMD, chromatic dispersion, DWDM, 10Gb/s and 40Gb/s were not thought of. Tellcom’s plans were to run a DWDM system with 10Gb/s optical channels and FiberWork has helped to make these challenging goals reality.

According to Resat Tanis, Tellcom Transmission Network Project Manager, the fiber plant characterization and specialized diagnostic services conducted by FiberWork were above expectations. “As our fiber cables are quite old, FiberWork's services were very important for us to understand our capabilities on these cables as well as to make accurate business plans and prepare for emergency cases. The services’ outcome was a very nice report which explained our network limitations and how to overcome these limits”, said Mr. Tanis.

“Specialized fiber characterization services are fundamental for DWDM and 10Gb/s system design and implementation. These services include detailed data acquisition of optical parameters such as chromatic dispersion, polarization mode dispersion, OTDR traces etc., their in-depth analysis by expert professionals and a friendly technical report. Next generation technologies, such as 40Gb/s transmission, are even more challenging, requiring much more accurate optical characterization and new optical parameters to be accounted in”, explains Elso Rigon, chief services coordinator at FiberWork.

According to FiberWork’s chief technology director, Dr Sergio Barcelos, optical network diagnostics is a higher level type of service as compared to fiber characterization. Highly specialized professionals, experts in fiber metrology and optical network design, are required to conduct this work. “The outcome of the optical diagnostic service includes fiber plant characterization, network data analysis and expert recommendations, which are intended towards network design optimization, capex and opex savings, better exploitation of fiber transmission capacities and future-proofing of the optical network. Typically, these diagnostics can bring savings of several million dollars to fiber network operators. Such expert services are becoming fundamental before any new fiber network investment and upgrade, in order to guarantee a high ROI as well as an extended life time of the optical network. Moreover, they are also important for dark fiber valuation before fiber leasing and swapping negotiations. It helps both sides of the table to feel more confident, avoiding misleading and promoting fair negotiations.” adds Dr Barcelos.

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About Tellcom:

Tellcom, a Company of the Turkcell Group, was founded in June 2004 and its operations began after it received its LDTS (Long Distance Telephony Services) and ISP (Internet Service Provider) licences. It has been providing private and business call initiation and termination services within the framework of the LDTS license it holds. Tellcom’s service range also includes national and international wholesale voice carrying, international leased lines for corporate clientele and Internet access service with interconnectivity abroad. Tellcom aims to provide high quality voice services at competitive prices by relying on new generation telecommunication infrastructures.

About FiberWork:

FiberWork Optical Communication is a highly specialized company whose talent bank includes PhD’s, scientists and expert engineers focused on developing and providing next generation optical metrology products and services. FiberWork has characterized over a million kilometer of installed optical fibers all around the world. Its customer list includes the most prominent telecom carriers, utilities and optical transmission system vendors from all around the world. FiberWork services also include technological consulting and training services for decision making professionals. Company products include the world first photonics oscilloscope, next generation optical network surveillance system and field portable optical communication systems.