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Optical Network Surveillance System


The OptiMaster is an optical network remote monitoring system for real time 24/7 supervision of fiber cable networks. It is used for preventive maintenance as well as to speed up corrective maintenance. It detects slow fiber degradations and unexpected fiber breakages. It can monitor dark and lit/active fibers, and cover small as well as large fiber networks.

The OptiMaster System comprises three main elements: Remote Test Units (RTU), Central Server and Client Units. Its operation principle is based on advanced optical reflectometry technology, MEMS optical switches, REST based Web Services and SOA conception.

It is a geographically referenced tool, integrated with different GIS systems, such as GoogleMaps/ GoogleEarth, which quickly pin-points fiber degradations and unexpected outages with a meter-scale resolution. By early-alerting fiber degradations, the OptiMaster avoids communication outages and reduces loss of revenues caused by data traffic interruptions. By speeding up corrective maintenance of abrupt outages, it allows reducing maintenance costs. In short, the OptiMaster reflects directly in OPEX reduction and QoS improvement for all those whose business depends on optical fiber networks.

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