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Item Polarization Mode Dispersion (PMD) Field Measurements - An Audit of Brazilian Newly Installed Fiber Networks
An in-depth audit on the Brazilian installed fiber plant reveals that 19% of the fibers presents a PMD level which does not comply with 10 or 40 Gb/s networks.

Item Interferometric metrology of passive optical devices
Interferometric characterization of passive optical components can provide sub-picosecond time-delay and picometer wavelength resolution as well as increased dynamic range.

Item DWDM & CWDM - Alternativas Revolucionárias Para Reduzir Custos Em Investimentos de Redes Ópticas (Portuguese Only)
The need for even higher transmission speeds forced the TDM systems to its practical 10 Gbit/s limit. Now there are only two scapes. One of them is the installation of new optical fibers, but the higher cost and the building time involved make it unfeasible in most of the cases. The WDM technology, however, offers terabit/s potential, and the best, with an excellent relation cost-benefit.