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Optical S-Parameter Analyzer (OSPA)


Passive Optical Device Characterization

OSPAThe OSPATM is a test instrument designed for accurate characterization of passive optical devices such as fiber gratings, interference filters, AWG's, dispersion compensators, photonic crystal fiber devices, short lengths of fiber and others. It can fast, accurately and cost-effectively perform multiple optical tests specific to these components, including the determination of such important parameters as phase, time delay, time delay ripple, chromatic dispersion, reflectivity / transmissivity responses, bandwidth, insertion loss, return loss, polarization dependent loss (PDL) and differential group delay (DGD/PMD). Its is intended towards customer time and cost savings during device development, production and qualification stages.

The x-ray of your optical devices

The OSPA instrument is built around an original patented interferometric technology and bears unbeatable advantages. It also innovates by treating the device under test through optical "S" parameters, an important innovation for multi-port optical device characterization.

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