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About the Company

FiberWork is a company specialized in Optical Fiber Communication Technology. It offers the following services: contract research and development; consulting; training and technical courses; planning, specification, design, installation, tests and diagnoses of fiber optic networks; technical support in its areas of expertise such as "DWDM networks and systems" etc. FiberWork’s main strength is its "Talent Bank", a team of highly qualified PhD researchers and engineers. They are continuously updated with technological trends and keep close contact with several world-renowned institutions, companies and scientists. Quality services and customers satisfaction are the company driving principles, which will take it to a leading position in a medium to long term. It possesses expertise in areas as:

  • DWDM networks and systems - Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing
  • High capacity fiber networks
  • Amplifiers, transmitters, receivers, Mux/Demux, OADM, fiber gratings and other components for optical fiber communication systems
  • Impairments in optical fiber links, fiber attenuation, chromatic dispersion, polarization mode dispersion (PMD), fiber non-linearities
  • Broadband fiber access networks, FTTx technologies (Fiber To The Cabinet/Curb/Building/ Home)
  • Synchronous Digital Hierarchy, SDH/SONET
  • HFC – Hybrid fiber-coax networks (CATV networks)
  • Fiber optic LAN’s and FDDI
  • Planning, specification, design and installation of fiber optic networks
  • Testing and diagnosis of fiber networks (tests of PMD, chromatic dispersion, return loss, OTDR, optical power loss)
  • Laboratory measurements, calibration and standardization in fiber optics
  • Computational modeling and simulation
  • Fiber plant monitoring and maintenance systems
  • Availability and reliability of optical networks
  • Fiber cleaving, splicing and connectorization
  • Operation of OTDR, power meter, fault locator and other field test equipments
  • POF technology – Plastic Optical Fibers and their applications
  • Fiber sensors and smart structures
  • Fiber optic applications in avionics, car industry, concrete structures, lightening systems etc.


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