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The main FiberWork's resource is the high qualification and competence of its personnel and collaborators - a select team of young PhD professionals, researchers and technically high skilled engineers with proven professional merits in optical fiber technology, optical communication systems, optoelectronics, electronics, instrumentation, software, marketing, business and administration. Motivation, initiative, dedication and entrepreneurship are also skills of its people. Some of these professionals have been hired through grants and sponsorships from science councils (Fapesp and CNPq) and special government S&T programs.

FiberWork's talent bank currently includes 15 specialized professionals: 2 PhD's, 2 master degree professionals, 4 electronics engineers, 1 software engineer, 2 electronics technicians, 2 training students, 1 media relations professionall. The company managing board includes a CTO/Chairman, an executive manager, a R&D manager and a commercial & marketing manager. Individual projects are lead by project managers/team leaders.

About FiberWork's Founder

Dr. Sérgio Barcelos is an Electronics Engineer specialized in Optical Fiber Communications. He is the founder and technical director of FiberWork Optical Communications Ltd. Before that, he was with the Dept. of Communications of the Faculty of Electrical and Computing Engineering of the State University of Campinas, Unicamp, Brazil. His PhD degree in optical fiber communications was obtained at the Optoelectronics Research Centre, Southampton, United Kingdom and his Master degree in coherent optical communications was obtained at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Unicamp, Brazil.

Previously, he worked for Elebra Telecom (currently Alcatel-Brazil), CPqD-Telebras as a R&D Engineer. His degree in Electronics Engineering was obtained at the Aeronautics Institute of Technology, ITA, Brazil. He has got over 40 publications in international technical journals and conferences, 2 international patents and a British award for invention in fiber optics ("Metrology for World Class Manufacturing Award"). Dr. Barcelos is the coordinator of the work group on optical network elements of the Brazilian National Association for Technical Standarts (COBEI-ABNT). He is member of the IEEE-LEOS (Institute of Electronics and Electrical Engineers, Laser and Electro-Optics Society), IEEE-COMSOC (IEEE Communications Society), OSA (Optical Society of America), SPIE (Society of Optical Engineers) and SCTE (Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers), having been the founder and president of the 'Southampton Student Chapter of OSA'.

Dr. Barcelos' expertise covers the following subjects: DWDM optical networking, impairments in optical communications, chromatic dispersion and dispersion compensation techniques, Polarization Mode Dispersion (PMD), fiber non-linearities, optical losses, fiber amplification technologies, optical components, sub-systems and systems, fiber metrology, fiber network field diagnosis, fiber plant supervision, availability and reliability of fiber optic networks, optical protection technologies, FTTx, SDH/SONET, HFC/CATV networks, fiber LAN technologies, GBitEthernet and CWDM etc.

In summary, Dr. Barcelos links a profound and broad R&D background with strong experience in the real world applications of optical communication technology as well as entrepreneurial skills. Further career and personal information about Dr. Barcelos is available in his email.


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