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Technological Consulting


Planning, specification, design and optimization of optical networks

FiberWork offers installation services, tests and optical networks disgnoses using OTDR (Optical Time Domain Reflectometer), OLTS (Optical Loss Test Set), Optical Power Measurer, ORL Measurer, WDM Tester, PMD Analyzer, Chromatic Dispersion Analyzer etc. The optical networks diagnoses services offered by FiberWork allows to evaluate if an installed system is able to be upgraded to operate in higher transmission rates (10Gb/s+) or with DWDM technology.


FiberWork offers consulting services in several optical communications segments, including technological as well as engineering and field areas. It includes: viability studies; techno-economic studies; implementation of laboratory infrastructure for measurements and calibration in fiber optics; survey of new technologies, suppliers and manufacturers; fiber networks specification, planning, design, installation, monitoring and maintenance; computational modeling and simulation; technical recommendations and technological support in its areas of expertise; etc. FiberWork’s professionals have already provided assistance to companies as Furukawa Industrial S.A., Net-São Paulo e Net-Rio (CATV service providers), Metrored (corporative access provider), Embratel (long distance telecom operator), TeleCentroSul (regional telecom operator), Anritsu etc.

FiberWork diagnoses TODAY the FUTURE problems in your DWDM network. Its expertise has been confirmed by the main telecom companies through services such as:

  • Measurement diagnoses of PMD (Polarization Mode Dispersion), Chromatic Dispersion, DWDM/OSNR, Optical Attenuation, Optical Return Loss etc.;
  • Evaluation of fiber network intending to support high speed digital services such as OC-48 and OC-192;
  • Network evaluation to verify if it can support DWDM systems and the number of channels permitted;
  • Network evaluation regarding to optical amplification capacity;
  • Consulting on RFP writing, fiber network specification, planning and design;
  • Network availability analysis.

Maintenance and Technical Assistance for optical-electronics equipments

FiberWork has a complete lab infra-structure and a high capacity definition personnel. These conditions allow the company offers maintenance and technical assistance services for optical-electronics equipments, foreigners or not, ranging a diversity of suppliers, including:

  • telecom optical transmissors and receptors
  • optical-fibers network test instruments
  • general optical-electronic instruments.

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