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FTTH Network Design Services by FiberWork


FiberWork's FTTH Network Design services are driven to reduce deployment costs and optimize FTTH network performance. We have designed over a million HPs (home passing) for major FTTH broadband service operators. Our unrivalled FTTH expertise includes the following professional services:

  • Network design
  • Expert engineering assistance;
  • Site survey of FTTH service areas;
  • Design of FTTH outside plant and inside plant infrastructures;
  • Cost budgeting and bill of materials;
  • FTTH deployment cost minimization;
  • FTTH OSP planning rules and component specification;
  • FTTH network design documentation;
  • As-built and inventory of network elements;
  • Test and certification of FTTH networks;
  • FTTH consulting and training.

FiberWork's sophisticated FTTH design processes and automation tools, combined with its highly experienced engineering staff, deliver superior FTTH design services. Our FTTH design processes are ISO-9001 accredited. Our FTTH design engineers are certified by the ITU (International Telecommunication Union). While relying on industry best practices, the company also works to continuously improve its FTTH processes and automation tools.

FiberWork's deep understanding of the real world pains of FTTH businesses, aligned with its world-class R&D team, have allowed to create a cost analysis methodology, based on sensitive cost evaluation, which has proved to reduce FTTH network deployment in 17% to 80% as compared to other competing FTTH design services.

The Ideal FTTH Network Design by FiberWork

  • Long Life – Twisted copper pairs have lived for 100+ years; Similarly, FTTH PON plants should not be designed and thought as a less than 40 year access infrastructure;
  • Future Proof Network – Ideally, the passive infrastructure should be able to cope with current and future active system technologies (GPON, 10GPON, WDM-PON etc);
  • Grow as You Go – A network growth strategy, that allow for reducing the upfront investment while allowing for a growing subscriber base, will speed up ROI and support a better business positioning;
  • CAPEX Optimization and Minimization – Since the network design impacts directly on the network deployment Capex, cost analysis engineering is a must. FiberWork has devoted its PhD team to develop a sensitive parameter cost analysis that renders unprecedented deployment cost minimization;
  • OPEX – Successful telecom business is very much about keeping operation and maintenance costs low. Depending on network design, the maintenance and operations can be more complex, more labor intensive, more prone to human mistakes and therefore more costly;
  • Network Sharing Strategy – FTTH PON allows for cost reduction by sharing network infrastructure. FiberWork's unbeatable skills warranties intelligent sharing of OSP elements, the right mix of aerial and underground/gallery cabling and most use of your existing metropolitan infrastructure;
  • Network Availability – Transmission networks rely on alternative routes for communication protection strategies. However, the broadband access business cannot afford this model. Excellence FTTH network design, as offered by FiberWork, must account for strategies for improving network availability and reliability while keeping deployment costs low.

FiberWork Wants You to Succeed

FiberWork is known for dedication to customer satisfaction, providing superior customer experience, solving critical challenges and developing innovative solutions for complex problems. Please contact us if you are looking for a better FTTH experience.

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