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Technological Training


Technological knowledge has become essential to keep telecom companies and professionals updated and competitive. Thus continuous training has changed from an investment option to an imperative need and strategic differential for both, company and professional.

FiberWork training courses - the most cost-effective consulting services in the market.

"FiberWork Technological Training Services for Decision-Making Professionals" are unique services intended to help in the process of planning investments in new fiber network buildings as well as upgrades. They are indeed consulting services for the telecom sector players, such as carriers, utilities, CATV operators, solution providers, manufacturers etc. Their goal is to increase the ROI and extend the lifetime of the optical network by helping making the right decisions in an environment that is fast moving technologically. This is achieved teaching unbiased and updated knowledge and technologies, and showing how a slip today can yield to a severe finance loss in the future.

Renew your knowledge with FiberWork and excel your limits!

"FiberWork Technological Training Services for Decision-Making Professionals" are also important for professional qualification and career improvement. Futhermore, they act as career differentials in a job market that has become very fierce.

Courses contents are extensive and cover the main aspects of each subject. The course handouts are very complete and serve as references after the courses. Course instructors are world-renowned experts in such fields, bearing PhD degrees as well as long practical experience. FiberWork's trainings are usually taught in-company. Some courses are also periodically offered in open basis at places and dates previously advertised. Click here to see FiberWork's schedule of open training courses.


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