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FWL250 Optical Service Channel

A optical-fiber network demands routine maintenance, objectifying prevention and imperfections’ correction. This demands frequent visits of technician and engineers to the network’s stations (site, nodes). The communication between the located professionals in distinct stations or between these and the central office of operations (network operation center) normally is carried through electric service channels. The transport of this service channel takes place through the optical supervision signal, what it demands intermediate layer of equipment.

Electric service channels are limited solutions, with few easiness and expensive in relations of its applications. A usual difficulty, for example, is found when one of the interlocutors is out of the station. In this in case, that is not possible to contact it by service channel, then cellular telephones are used. In the majority of times, the cellular telephones’ use is intense, causing enormous monthly bills for external professional. On the other hand, it is common telecommunications’ stations are installed in remote places, without covering of cellular telephony, this fact difficults the external technician’s work.

The "FWL250 Optical Service Channel" was developed for voice communication between fiber network sites. It replaces, with superior performance and lower cost, the electrical service channels available in the market. It offers integration with Public Switched Telephone Network and PABX systems. These features allow field engineers and technicians to communicate not only between network sites but also with the company's offices and external Public Telephone Network. FiberWork's FWL250 operates as an open channel, where all network nodes have access to the same conversation simultaneously (multiple access). It can also be configured as a private channel, where the signal pass through every node except the destination node (P2P communication). The FWL250 is an ideal solution where dark fibers are abundant. However, it can be used with active fibers as well, using a different wavelength from the working optical channels. In this case, it will be necessary to employ the FiberWork’s ACTIVE Solution. For ultra-long-reach applications, the FWL251 Regenerator may be used for signal regeneration. With all these differentials, the FWL250 Optical Service Channel is, therefore, a practical and economic solution to operators who want to speed the services and to reduce the expenses with the external activities of its employees. The ROI is counted in few months, taking itself in account only the economy with cellular telephones’ expenses.