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Technological Training


Measurements, Characterization and Calibration in Fiber Optics

Course Contents:

  • Measurements of chromatic dispersion, polarization mode dispersion - PMD, modal field diameter - MFD, attenuation, cutoff wavelength, core ellipticity and concentricity, core and fiber diameter, numeric aperture, refraction index profile, strain, etc, of monomode optical fibers
  • Multimode fiber measurements
  • Device characterization (attenuators, couplers, LASERs, LEDs, fiber Bragg gratings, filters and add-drops for WDM, fotodetectors, fiber amplifiers, fiber cables and ribbons, etc)
  • Instrument calibration (optical spectrum analyzer, power meter, OTDR)
  • Inspection and testing of fiber cleaves, connectors and splices

Duration: 24 Hours

Instructor: Dr. Sérgio Barcelos