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Technological Training


Optical Fibers - Installation, Tests and Maintenance

Contents (may change):

This theoretical training is intended for technicians dealing with installation, tests and maintenance of optical fibers. It covers a long list of topics and tasks usually seen by these professionals in their office and field work:

  • The Origins of Optical Fiber Communications
  • Basic Principles in Fiber Optics
  • Introduction to Optical Communication Systems and Components
  • Designing Optical Fiber Links
  • Power and Bandwidth Budget
  • Fiber Cleaving
  • Fiber Connectors
  • Fiber Connectorization
  • Fiber Splices
  • Fusion and Mechanical Fiber Splicing
  • Inspection of Fiber Cleaves, Splices and Connectors
  • Fiber Cables
  • Splice Trays and Enclosures, Distribution Panels, etc
  • Planning and Installation of Fiber Cables
  • Fiber Cable Plant Documentation
  • Fiber Optic Testing
  • Attenuation Measurements in Fibers, Fiber Connectors and Fiber Splices
  • Insertion Loss and Return Loss Measurements
  • Use of OTDR
  • Use of Optical Power Meter
  • Visual Fault Locators
  • Certifying and Troubleshooting Fiber Systems
  • Fault Documentation
  • Maintenance and Restoration in Fiber Cable Plants

Duration: 32 Hours

Instructor: Dr. Sérgio Barcelos