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Fiber To The Home - Technology, Engineering and ROI

Course Summary:

This course teaches unbiased information, modern technologies and the latest trends concerning to the FTTH technology and business. It intends to provide subsidies for FTTH planning, design, engineering and business development based on updated knowledge and on technology trends which can affect the making of strategic decisions. This cost-effective investment is essential as career development for professionals who want to keep updated in this fast evolving field and full-of-opportunities new business sector. It is also a strategic asset and competitive advantage for fast growing carriers and service providers equipment providers and greenfield business entrepreneurs.

Course Contents:

  • The growing demand for real broadband access
  • Triple play services (voice, video, data)
  • Principles of optical communication
    • Fiber optic basics
    • Fiber specifications
    • Single mode fiber
    • Transmitters and lasers
    • Receivers and photodetectors
    • Optical impairments
    • Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM)
    • SDH and SONET
    • ATM
    • Ethernet, Fast-Ethernet, GBE, 10GBE
    • Difference between Passive and Active Optics
  • Broadband access technologies – The FTTH rivals
    • Twisted pair
    • DSL and xDSL (Digital Subscriber Line)
    • Hybrid Fiber Coax (HFC) & Cable Modem
    • WiMax, WiFi
    • Point-to-point Ethernet
    • Power Line Communications (PLC)
    • Bandwidth limitations
  • FTTH - The actual and the only broadband access technology for now and the future
  • History of FTTH
  • FTTx architectures
    • FTTN
    • FTTC
    • FTTB
    • FTTH
    • FTTP
  • Passive X Active Optical Access Networks
  • FTTx PON technology
  • FTTH protocols and standards
    • ATM Passive Optical Networks (APON)
    • Broadband Passive Optical Networks (BPON)
    • Gigabit capable Passive Optical Networks (GPON)
    • Ethernet Passive Optical Networks (EPON)
  • PON - Active components
    • Transceivers
    • Optical Line Terminal (OLT)
    • Optical Network Unit (ONU)
    • Customer Premise Equipment (CPE)
  • PON - Passive components
    • Optical Distribution Network (ODN)
    • Optical splitters and splitting technologies
  • Designing the PON
    • Optical network design
    • Optical power budget
  • FTTH outside plant infrastructure
    • Network nodes
      • Access Node
      • Primary fiber concentration points
      • Secondary fiber concentration points
      • Drop terminals
      • ONU and OLT installation
    • Optical cable types
      • Cable designs, materials, structures
      • Loose tube
      • Ribbon
      • Central tube
      • Stranded
      • Indoor/Outdoor cables
    • Optical cabling topologies
      • Feeder cabling
      • Distribution cabling
      • Drop cabling
      • Internal cabling
    • Cable installation techniques
      • Duct
      • Blown
      • Direct buried
      • Aerial
      • Other (Gas, Sewer, Water pipes etc)
      • Internal cabling
      • Placement techniques and options
    • Splicing
      • Fusion
      • Mechanical
      • Ribbon
      • Pigtail
    • Connectors
      • Types and polishes
    • Panels, closures and cabinets
      • Patch panels
      • Distribution panels
      • Splice enclosures
  • Technology trends
    • Progress in PON standards
    • 10GEPON
    • WDM-PON
    • Low-cost FTTH devices and components
    • New indoor fibers and fiber cables
  • Greenfield and Brownfield FTTH Businesses
  • Status of FTTH businesses around the world
  • Discussions
  • Duration: 24 Hours

    Instructor: Sergio Barcelos, PhD