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FiberWork is evaluated during its technological training


"I thought FiberWork’s course very good, so elucidative so much so we are sending more employees to attend it".
Alberto Jorge Close
Nationwide Network Director
Emergia Brazil


FiberWork offers a range of technological courses and trainings for professional upgrade focused on optical communication and general telecom, as well as it is engaged to:

  • Developing “custom made” courses and trainings
  • Applying trainings through other companies 

Its courses, trainings and seminars have already been applied to companies such as: Alcatel, Lucent, Eletronet, Globocabo, Banco Itaú, Promom, Embratel, TeleCentroSul, Metrored, Ericsson, Furukawa, CPqD, NET-SP, ITA, BNR/Nortel-Europe (UK), Optoelectronics Research Centre (UK), Bellcore (USA), Bell Labs (USA), Optical Fiber Communication Conference (USA), European Conference on Optical Communication etc.

Positioning itself with the objective to be always innovating and replying to critics and suggestions in relations of its courses and technological trainings, FiberWork implanted with success a information collected system whose targets are its conferences’ attendees. Such informations, besides serving its main proposals, have showed the acceptance that FiberWork has been experiencing in relations of its courses and trainings.


"Because instructor’s technical level, they should offer theoretical courses, based on superior literature for telecom professionals who act in optical area and don’t have time to attend a post-graduation. Maybe with a one week length or even, in some Saturdays, with the same conditions and focus a college’s post-graduation subject".
Tânia Maria de Almeida
Systems Engineer
Ciena Brazil Ltd.


"At PETROBRAS, we are used to interact with cutting-edge suppliers, much in our core business (black oil) as in technical support activities, for instance telecom. It is common that we attend courses whose belong to Brazil and foreign institutions, and it is not exaggeration to confirm that FiberWork is on the same level as the best national and foreign companies in the optical communication market through DWDM technology. PhD Sergio Barcelos, who minister the course, is the FiberWork’s Technology Director, he shows a honorable resume including research, which is rare in Brazil”
Jari Franco de Abreu
Electronic and Telecom Engineer


Observe the results seen in our last courses:

Course: Optical Networks – Planning, Project and Trends, January and February 2002.

We reached a positive evaluation for this course. For the majority, the training fulfilled the participants expectation, they opined in relations of optical communication’s  market direction in Brazil, pointing metropolitan networks, utilities expansion, access networks viability of 40 Gbs/channel as good, target for investments next 3 years. One more time, all emphasized the instructor’s skills.

 How did you know FiberWork’s technological training?

Were the sponsors’ seminars important?



Define the course’s quality according your expectation

The course was:



Course: Communications through Optical Fibers: Fundamental, Applications and Market  Trends, December 2001.

Our last training: Communications through optical fiber, expanded the participants’ expectations, who exhibited a high yield, evaluating positively the course results in general, according a participants’ opinion:

See more collected data during the course:

Course’s quality according your expectationGraph

Were the sponsors’ seminars important?Graph

The course was: Graph

How did you know FiberWork’s technological training? Graph

Inquiry: According to course’s participants, which will be opticalcommunication direction in Brazilian market next 3 years?   Graph

Course: Optical Networks: Planning, Project and Trends, September 2001.

The course was well respected, being considered by participants like big didactic value. One more time, the present professionals emphasized the instructor’s skills: “The course was very good, the instructor has total knowledge about presented topics. It’s right that after the course we could aggregate more knowledge and we obtained a broader vision about telecom market”

Below we present more information that ensure the big course’s success:

The course was: Graph

How did you know FiberWork’s technological training? Graph

In a general form, how do you define this course’s result Graph

Did the instructor show fidelity and domain about the subject? Graph

Course: Communication through Optical Fibers – Fundamental, Applications and Market Trends, July 2001.

The course obtained a big acceptance by part of participants. Besides being considered so elucidative by majority, its instructor was well evaluated. One participant expressed his joy: “I thought the course very relevant, with a good didactic material and content, the infra-structure succeeded”.

Below you can see the results:

Course’s quality according your expectation Graph

Available didactic resources’ evaluation Graph

Course’s Feature Graph

General evaluation of course Graph

Course: DWDM Optical Networks: Fundamental, Technology, New Test Needs – MARKET AND TRENDS, April 2001.

The DWDM Optical Networks course is a great opportunity to keep in touch with this technological trend that more and more wins space in optical communication field.

Our last DWDM Optical Networks training fulfilled participants expectations, reaching a high level yield, according their collected opinions, such as: “The course was really focused and efficient. The instructor, besides dominating deep the subject, could transmit important information to participants”. 

See more collected data during the course:

Course’s quality according your expectation Graph

Course’s Feature Graph